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Our Team

Compassionate. Skilled. Caring.

Meet our dedicated volunteer team at Lavender Lotis. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to provide holistic care. Learn more about the individuals who make our mission special.

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Monique Bruce

Director of Lavender Lotis

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Rebecca Roman

Product Manager

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Director of Research & Development

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Yunjie Liu

Lead Software Developer

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Slimane Tezkratt

Director of Finance

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Kavitha Panicker

UX/UI Designer

Monique Greggs

UX/UI Designer

Han Yang

UX/UI Designer

Rebecca Lin

UX/UI Designer

Preksha Jain

UX/UI Designer

Jingchi Zhang

Software Development

Ka Wai Wu

Software Development 

Pei-Hsuan Sung

Software Development

Yiren Xu

Software Development

Volunteer With Us

Are you passionate about holistic healthcare and wellness for the BIPOC LGBTQ+? Lavender Lotis is looking for dedicated volunteers to contribute their skills and expertise to our mission.


We are currently looking for the following mentors: Full Stack Developer, UX/UI Designer, Event Host, Fitness Coach, Healthcare Provider

Join us for an equitable healthcare journey!

Inclusive community
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